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Often overlooked during the creation of a travel itinerary, our ViPet Service is ideal if you wish for your furry family members to travel comfortably in safety. We work closely with an experienced pet handler to ensure that travelling with animals is a worry-free experience.

Your pet is collected from home by a member of the Franklin team experienced in working with animals. We can also arrange any necessary documentation prior to your departure should you wish. Your pet will be transported in climate-controlled comfort, with all appropriate containers. Following your explicit instructions guarantees that your pet maintains a usual routine with regular exercise, their preferred brand of food and even the occasional treat should you consent.

Being able to specify both the day and time of your pet’s arrival allows you time to unwind before we return them to you. We can also plan and manage international travel with your pet, should you wish to fly commercially.

Contact us today to discuss your pet’s specific travel requirements.

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