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Franklin members have come to expect exceptionally high standards, as standard. Continuing professional development is vital to ensure that we meet these expectations. In fact, staff placed by Franklin are contractually obliged to undertake a programme of CPD.

We offer a large range of training courses, designed to ensure existing skills remain en pointe, while also introducing new ideas and procedures into your household.

By taking a holistic snapshot of your household, we can deliver a personalised training programme. We can comfortably deliver training on a one-to-one or group basis.

Franklin’s internal courses cover all areas of private and domestic service. They can help improve the fluidity and style of table service, raise the quality of valeting and wardrobe organisation, laundry care, vehicle, household and staff management, staff presentation and foreign and domestic etiquette.

We also offer courses on the care of valuable possessions: silver, gilt, ormolu, nickel, glass, china, valuable art, sculptures, wooden floors, marble flooring and electronic systems to name a small selection.

We work with a number of trusted training partners and mentors, ensuring an ever-improving household and lifestyle. 

Courses can be delivered both in your home and externally and will only be recommended should we identify a specific need. All external courses are chargeable to our clients. We do require however that all staff members placed by Franklin continue with their professional development.

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