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Frequent travel places undue stress on your belongings. While many of our guests reside at and visit many different hotels, few welcome the need to constantly move their belongings between home and temporary destinations.

Few hotels have the necessary onsite capability to care for luxury, often irreplaceable garments. Fewer still have the capacity to store seasonal possessions when not in use.

Our luggage service guarantees the safe storage, care and seasonal planning of your luxury clothing, shoes and valuables. Managed by a small team of experts, professionally trained in the care of luxury clothing, we ensure your possessions are ready whenever you require them.

With a constantly updated inventory and clear understanding of your travel itinerary, we are able to deliver your chosen items in time for your arrival regardless of your destination. Our packing and homeward bound service also ensures that your clothing is delivered, freshly prepared, direct to your wardrobe.

A similar service is offered to our London members who may wish to store seasonal and cherished items in our climate-controlled secure facility. We collect, valet and deliver all items as and when you require them.

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ViPet Staff