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Long term planning is vital to the success of large, complex or multiple households. We offer an unparalleled consultancy service, enabling you and your management team to gain a clear understanding of your existing and future domestic requirements.

We take a hands-on and thoroughly holistic approach to household assessment, evaluating the day-to-day routines of you, your family and your team. We examine your properties subjectively, and assess existing domestic procedure and staffing levels to identify opportunities to enhance efficiency. This double-headed approach ensures your home management is always seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle.

As an independent consultant we are well placed to profile and assess your current staff, to identify and implement new procedures and training opportunities.*

After a period of research we deliver a concise report and proposal to help you achieve your personal household goals.

Contact our consultancy team today to learn more about this unique service.

*An additional fee is chargeable to profile existing staff members.

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