Franklin London

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is My Membership Calculated?

We meet every potential member to discuss a series of lifestyle requirements. On this basis, we create a schedule of services. We commence work immediately upon receipt of your annual membership fee.

What If My Circumstances Change & I No Longer Require Your Services?

We pride ourselves on flexibility. With plenty of forward planning we can accommodate virtually anything life throws at you.

How many clients do you have?

We are entirely client driven so we restrict the number and focus all our energies on producing the results our clients expect from us to fulfil their specific requirements and wishes, whatever they are.

Why do you publish your fees?

We believe that publishing our fees helps build trust with our clients.  We operate an open book policy presenting our clients with all invoices received .  We never solicit commissions and if at any time we are offered discounts these are offset against your annual membership reducing your overall cost.

Confidentiality and trust are at the core of our values, after more than two decades tending to the needs and wishes of our clients we are clearly aware of how our business would cease if we broke that trust.  

What If I Require Additional Services?

You can add, take away or swap any services during your membership period. A good understanding of any changes in circumstances can help us suggest a number of bespoke solutions.

How Are You Different To Other Agencies?

Other agencies focus only on individual areas of your domestic requirements and fail to understand how truly integrated your lifestyle needs are. We deliver a 360 degree assessment and management of your complete household needs, from staffing to property maintenance.

What Is A DBS Check?

No member of staff, working either at Franklin HQ or placed with our members, may commence work without a DBS check. The Disclosure and Barring Service check enables employees to make safe recruitment decisions and replaces the Criminal Records Bureau. We also add a further layer of protection by requiring all staff to sign a confidentiality agreement.

What If There’s A Bad Fit?

Our interview and checking procedure is in place to reduce any instances of a member of staff failing to properly integrate into your household team. However, should a problem arise, we will seamlessly replace that individual at no additional cost to you.

Why Don’t You Advertise Positions?

We actively search for staff and do not solicit applications. Once we believe a new member is appropriately vetted and trained will we share the details of an upcoming placement.

How Do You Find The Perfect Staff Member For Us?

We take pride in understanding and assessing your domestic and lifestyle needs. All our applicants are profiled and matched to these needs, ensuring a consistently good fit. We can also proactively search for a candidate to meet specialised and specific household needs.

Do You Use External Suppliers?

The Franklin team have many years experience working with unique and elite households and have developed a varied range of professional skills. For specialised work which surpasses our own capabilities, we look to our list of approved, experienced and tested companies.

Can You Find Us Our Perfect Interior Designer?

With a clear understanding of your needs and aspirations, we are perfectly placed to help you source the most suitable, and often highly sought after, interior stylists.

How Do You Maintain Staff Standards?

All internal and external Franklin staff are required to continue with their professional development. We are able to deliver much of this training ourselves. We also work with specialised training providers to deliver unique skills and innovations directly into your household.

When Will This Training Happen?

Training is delivered on a regular basis to ensure an overall sharpening of skills. New skills and service training will be delivered when most appropriate to both you and your household.

What Happens If Our Burglar Alarm Sounds?

Members of the key holding service who have placed us on the alarm callout response can rest assured that we will respond to all burglar alarms. We will attend, enter and check your property to ensure safety. For peace of mind we will also deliver a detailed report of the incident.

We Have Guests Coming To Stay Who Will Need A Set Of Keys

Our key holding service eliminates the need to rush home to meet visitors. We can liaise with, welcome and familiarise your guests with your alarm procedure. We can also collect any spare keys on departure.

How Does Franklin Differ From Traditional Maintenance Service?

High value homes require a specific set of skills, and enhanced attention to detail. A contractor may work on one or two such homes throughout their career. At Franklin we have worked exclusively with high value property, building a very specific body of knowledge. Simply put, we don’t miss a thing.

How Do You Plan & Implement A Maintenance Programme?

We assess, plan and oversee your property alongside your domestic team. We request and approve estimates from trusted suppliers on your behalf and undertake work as per your budget, time constraints and individual requirements.

We Can’t Get A Booking At Our Favourite Restaurant, Can You Help?

Often, our concierge service can take advantage of time-served relationships within the hospitality industry. On the rare occasion we fail to find you a table at a popular or oversubscribed restaurant, we will always recommend a similar alternative.

We Don’t Have Staff At Our UK Property, Can You Help?

Our Home Set-Up service not only prepares your property in readiness of your arrival, but we can also supply you with the kind of top flight talent we have built our reputation upon.