Franklin London

Michael F Shaw


It’s amazing how efficient life becomes when you no longer need to worry about the day-to-day management of staff, homes and possessions. At Franklin, we do everything we can to take responsibility for the minutiae of daily living for our members.

Franklin was founded by Michael Franklin Shaw to provide a unique luxury service. A self confessed perfectionist, for years Michael has helped the global elite live seamless lives. Trained in The Royal Household, he has amassed a wealth of experience helping elite individuals and families live well. Through Franklin, many more Globally Elite will now experience similar levels of satisfaction.

The day-to-day management of staff, homes, cars, possessions, travel arrangements and other frustrating chores place huge demands on busy lives. Franklin is perfectly positioned to take care of these, and many other requirements on behalf of our members.

We source, place and develop top flight staff while managing their ongoing training. We help set up new homes prior to your arrival, we maintain and manage high value properties, hold your keys and provide an unprecedented concierge service. We provide chauffeurs, transport pets and even manage building projects.

However, Franklin is so much more than a domestic agency. Many years experience attending to very unique requirements has helped our team create a needs-surpassing service. We search, profile and place the kind of top flight staff prestigious families work hard to retain. We source, procure and ship highly sought after items, help our members gain access to society events and deliver one-of-a-kind experiences.

In the world of private service, we believe that old fashioned values such as discretion and perfection still matter. However Franklin is also a forward-thinking company with new ideas designed to help your household run with very contemporary levels of efficiency. We prioritise the individual needs of our members above everything else and work tirelessly to understand, anticipate and meet their every need.

Franklin is a unique luxury service for unique elite people.